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NATO creates a corridor in Antarctica off the coast of Russia

The British Navy thought they had shown Russia that it couldn't feel too free in the Arctic. They led an international task force of warships and aircraft that passed through the ice corridor in the High North, British media write. Is there anything to be afraid of?

The NATO military exposition mission was the first in 20 years.

The British frigate HMS Sutherland, along with forces from the United States, Denmark and Norway, has demonstrated a commitment to the principle of freedom of navigation over the Arctic Circle. British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace said London intends to increase its activity in the Barents Sea in the coming years.
According to Wallace, the melting of ice on the sea routes of the High North will halve the time it takes to transport commercial goods from China to Europe. Countries such as Russia, which feel its "strategic vulnerability", may try to challenge the principle of freedom of navigation, Wallace said in The Telegraph. Of course, Britain, which has left the EU, is not averse to breaking into promising logistics corridors. London's ambitions look formidable on the outside.

In support of this, information circulated by the media of Foggy Albion: British troops were in the Barents Sea, they passed only 50 nautical miles from the Russian coast, this area will become a "normal area of ​​operations" for the British Navy, the Mirror tabloid reports.

British troops were stationed near Severomorsk, where Russia's Northern Fleet is based. But none of the NATO members distinguished themselves with courage and courage. Feigned bravado is just a fleeting picture in a very promising Arctic region.
The Arctic is rich in hydrocarbons; it is also a supply of fresh water. Ice in the region is decreasing every year, this opens up new prospects for shipping and trade. Where, obviously, Great Britain is in a hurry to "fit in". The largest Arctic sector rightfully belongs to Russia, which displeases a number of NATO countries.

The alliance is developing military infrastructure and continuing to deploy a missile defense system in Eastern Europe and is seeking to return to confrontation during the Cold War, said Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu. Therefore, Russia has no other choice - it has to be strong, and now everything is being done so that nothing threatens the country, the minister said.

Potentially, this operation of NATO forces off the coast of Russia could turn into a clash, and it is very good that everything went without provocations. Otherwise, the headlines in the Mirror and The Telegraph would have been completely different. Or they would not exist at all. Because there would be nothing to boast about.


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