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Didn’t expect: the third wave of Covid-19 in Spain

Spain faces third wave of Covid-19, which has already hit northern Europe

Europe is entering the third wave of coronavirus: with the arrival of the cold, we close the windows and are more in the rooms where the virus is most transmitted. “We are less engaged in outdoor activities. We had to complete the second wave more clearly in order to now face the most difficult - in the fall and winter, ”warned Margarita del Val, virologist from CSIC. The worst enemy is cold, experts say, as it contributes to the multiplication of infections indoors.

Spain is currently unprepared for this situation, as healthcare workers continue to fight the second wave of the disease.

Spain's Health Minister Salvador Illa has ruled out the introduction of a strict self-isolation regime, similar to the March one, but warned that the harsh measures will last about six months before the vaccine appears.

According to the Spanish publication, WHO is already claiming that in a few weeks, intensive care units in Europe will be overcrowded. Experts fear that in Spain the current second wave will merge with the third wave, which is already shaking Europe.

The number of new coronavirus infections continues to rise across Spain. In the second wave, more than 5,000 people died in Spain.


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