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Avenum is working on a new satellite shuttle Ravn X

The company Avenum, actively engaged in the development of the space direction, today presented a rather unusual prototype of a new launch rocket called the Ravn X ALV - although in fact, this can only be called a rocket, since the project is more a hybrid of a rocket and an autonomous launch shuttle. So far, the team of specialists points to the fact that the model of the launching shuttle Ravn X is a copy of some previous projects that have not been released due to various technical reasons, but at this point in time it becomes clear that the presented project has the greatest promises.

Firstly, the presented prototype of the shuttle launch rocket for launching space satellites into Earth orbit is completely autonomous - and although this aspect is not so obvious, it can still be understood that Avenum did a good job on the main launch and control systems of the shuttle. After all, it's enough just to look at the number of various departments and blocks inside the device and you can understand that it is designed to transport a really large number of satellites at a time. And secondly, Avenum Ravn X ALV belongs to the class of autonomous shuttles, which in the future will receive appropriate updates and improvements of software and hardware nature.

According to technical information and details regarding the project itself, it is designed to be able to send satellites every 180 minutes, which can be considered a record - since this process usually takes several hours. Although it is still too early to talk about one or another of its capabilities.

Given the fact that Avenum has often embarked on development and projects of this kind before, it becomes clear that the company now intends to experiment in a more daring way - not to mention the fact that it is going to start full-scale tests of this space shuttle rocket at the beginning. next year, so the Ravn X AVL project promises to be really interesting and unusual, in a number of aspects and parameters, including subsequent modifications of the rocket.


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