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Razer has released new wireless headphones

Despite the fact that the overwhelming majority of people associate such a company as Razer with PC accessories for gamers, this manufacturer has long ceased to “work only on one front”. Thus, last year Razer released its first wireless headphones, the main feature of which is the presence of a low latency mode, thanks to which they began to be positioned as an excellent option for mobile gaming. Now the manufacturer is ready to present to us the second version of the above wireless headset - Hammerhead True Wireless Pro.

Moreover, Razer is ready not only to present these headphones, but also to sell them, because the opportunity to purchase them appeared yesterday at a quite adequate price of 199.99 dollars. Of the really significant changes, it is worth highlighting the addition of really high quality active noise cancellation, as well as the fact that this headset has THX sound certification. "The Hammerhead True Wireless Pro uses hybrid ANC to eliminate both external noise and unwanted internal noise by simultaneously generating sound backwaves," Razer wrote in its official press release for the new headphones.

And of course, Hammerhead True Wireless Pro follows the trend followed by all other companies, without exception, launching their wireless headphones with active noise canceling on the market. The point is that the new product from Razer has a "Quick Attention" mode. And yes, this is a mode in which external microphones are activated and all ambient sounds are transmitted to you. The undoubted plus is that these headphones also have protection against moisture and sweat according to the IPX4 standard. If you believe the words of the company, the new headphones will be able to work up to 20 hours, if you take into account the recharging from the case. But if we talk about the operating time of the headphones on a single charge, then the Hammerhead True Wireless Pro indicator is 4 hours.

And of course, on each of the headphones there is a touch button with the company's logo, with which you can control playback. And if we return to the fact that these headphones have THX sound certification, but you do not know what this means, then you only need to know that this headset is capable of reproducing even the smallest details of sound, and it also has an extremely wide frequency range. and very low response. And of course, the sound itself is extremely clear with detailed vocals and deep bass with zero distortion when working at high volumes.


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