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Apple adds high-definition video to FaceTime for iPhone 8

Apple continues to amaze its users and fans of the modern mobile industry with some rather specific features in the development of its devices and technologies - for example, today it became known that the company decided to add support for Full HD resolution when using the FaceTime application for video calls for its iPhone smartphones. coming out before the current generation of iPhone 12. This decision was really unexpected, because in one way or another it concerns the possibility of providing an up-to-date set of technologies for video calls for older and often completely irrelevant models of smartphones.

The latest model of the flagship iPhone 12, of course, is really interesting and multifunctional in many aspects, but this does not mean at all that absolutely all users will immediately rush to purchase a new version of the device if they already have an older one. That is why the engineering and software team at Apple decided to add support for higher resolution for making video calls for older iPhones using the FaceTime application - previously, video calls were limited to 720p, which was most likely a compromise solution in order to provide users with as much perfect balance between quality, stability and communication bandwidth.

That is why many users were so surprised by the current impulse of Apple regarding the provision of such updated software for a seemingly already completely irrelevant model of smartphones of its iPhone line, but still it is now a reality.

It is worth noting that the iPhone 8 in this sense is the main candidate for implementation - since it was with her that the process of introducing and testing higher resolution within the social application FaceTime began. At the moment, Apple's management points out the fact that it intends to complete the preliminary stage of preparation and provide users with the final stable format of work of such a higher resolution in this application in a relatively short time.


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