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Apple started selling MagSafe Duo charger on Apple Store

Apple started selling MagSafe Duo charger on Apple Store

For some time ago, Apple was actively working on a multifunctional and high-quality version of a wireless charging station-platform that could charge several of its branded devices at once - however, as a result, the project turned out to be quite problematic and, in general, began to demonstrate many technical problems. However, then the company released a new version of the Apple MagSafe wireless charging station, which, although it can charge only two devices at the same time - namely the iPhone and an accessory - nevertheless, does its job in the most excellent way and generally demonstrates a high level of reliability.

By itself, Apple's MagSafe technology represents a combination of fairly promising modern wireless charging algorithms with some classic proposals for integrating specific charging circuits. In other words, the new wireless charging has an enviable level of reliability and stability of charging, since it houses a really complex set of charging circuits inside.

As a result, the user can simultaneously charge the iPhone mobile device and any accessory, such as an Apple Watch. Today it became known that the new wireless charger began to be sold in the vast majority of Apple Stores, and at a slightly reduced price than at the beginning - an interested user can purchase it for $ 120, although he will still have to buy extra USB-C charger as it is not included in the price of the device. Nevertheless, such a proposal is really interesting.

Most of the users and owners of Apple technology, in one way or another, are guided by the possibility of purchasing the most versatile and inexpensive accessories for their sets of devices, but Apple itself takes the situation into its own hands and offers its fans the opportunity to purchase the latest configuration of its charging on the official Apple Store website at a slightly more affordable price - and this approach is generally not the classic and expected from Apple.


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