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China successfully completes two space missions

Despite the fact that people have not yet fully explored the Earth, the process of space exploration is already going on very actively. And absolutely every major power, including China, is trying to succeed in this area. And if you are not aware, some time ago the Chinese government has already launched its next mission called Chang'e 5. Now it became known that this Saturday the Chinese mission Chang'e 5 successfully completed the stage of implementing a complex docking maneuver, preparing to return soil samples collected from the lunar surface.

The Chang'e 5 mission was launched not so long ago, on November 23 on a Long March 5 rocket with four main spaceships. As part of this mission, the spacecraft entered lunar orbit already on November 28, and its descent vehicle successfully landed on the moon on December 1, and then flew away from it, while the service module continued to remain in lunar orbit. The lander collected rocks and soil and on Saturday docked in orbit with this very service module. So the collected samples will now be placed in a special "reverse" capsule in order to successfully bring them home safe and sound.

The device with the samples will have to land in a specially designated area in Mongolia at the end of December. In the event that this mission ultimately proves successful, then China will become the third country in a row to deliver samples from the moon to Earth, more than 50 years after the last such mission of the United States of America, Apollo , as well as a similar mission from the Soviet Union - Luna 24, which was successfully completed in 1976.

But be that as it may, interesting is the fact that we also know that the Japanese mission Hayabusa2 was also successful this Saturday, because the launched spacecraft landed in the Australian desert after receiving samples of the asteroid Ryugu. So in the event that China continues to develop its space industry at such a pace, then the above-named state risks becoming the most developed and advanced in this area. But in any case, so far, China has not managed to achieve the success of SpaceX, although it tries very hard. And as we can see, these efforts are paying off, because all the latest space missions in China end in success.


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