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Facebook may get legal action next week

The political landscape in the United States at the current time is more like something really discontinuous and inconsistent, since the presidential elections somehow influenced the mindset of the majority of the population. And today it became known that the US government, represented by its individual bodies and institutions, has finally prepared a legal draft against Facebook, which may receive a court notice and the first stage of the trial next week - since we are talking about some suspicious acquisitions with her side, which could jeopardize US national security.

Of course, the case of the social network Facebook regarding the threat to the security of user data and national security in general can hardly be called the same high priority as, for example, Twitter or Instagram, but you can definitely note the fact that Facebook has its own reasons for getting even more legal problems than before.

In particular, the main reason for launching a new round of litigation between the company and the US government is the whole set of acquired companies and startups on the part of Facebook, which may indicate that the company clearly has plans to increase surveillance of users - in addition, some of it so far Undisclosed sources shared with US government confidants that Facebook is indeed stepping up its attempts to build such a system for monitoring and collecting user information, in which it will be impossible to track its activity from outside, even with the help of special software.

It is worth noting the fact that Facebook and earlier often fell into a similar intertwining of events and phenomena, when many users and experts accused and even at times accused her of actively and multilaterally tracking herself - however, at this point in time, we are talking about a conceptually different problem related to with the internal attitudes and security policy of the social platform. It remains for the time being to await further more or less verified information regarding this proceeding.


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