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IBM experts spoke about the hacker attack on COVID-19

Today, a separate team of cybersecurity specialists Security X-Force from the world-famous company IBM, which develops various computer technologies, presented a special report on a new detected trail of a cyber attack by an unknown group of hackers on several servers of pharmaceutical companies that store information about a new coronavirus vaccine COVID-19, and who are responsible for maintaining proper containment of a prototype vaccine already in use in the United States as an emergency measure. It is worth noting that this trail was discovered by the team by accident, but is now being studied in detail.

IBM, a computer technology and development company of all levels, is a fairly broadly structured institution dealing with a variety of projects - and maintaining proper conditions for keeping a prototype COVID-19 vaccine in appropriate warehouses is one such project. To do this, the company launched a whole system of servers working for this purpose, and which not so long ago met with the not entirely clean intentions of an as yet unknown group of attackers who tried to change the conditions of the vaccine and thereby disrupt the course of its conservation.

Of course, in times like today, such a cybercrime is dealt with especially carefully and meticulously, and therefore the specialized team of cybersecurity specialists Security X-Force from IBM is currently considering all these aspects. In addition, it becomes clear that other specialists are also involved in this business.

At this point in time, very little is known about the hacking that occurred - or rather, about its attempt, since the cyber security team did not find anything that could indicate the final loss of data on one or another part of the servers. On the other hand, you can be sure that sooner or later the company will present a more detailed and complete report as to what exactly the event consisted of and who could be behind it, since now there is still a lot of unknowns.


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