Japan plans to phase out petrol cars by 2035 | TELNEWS

Japan plans to phase out petrol cars by 2035

The Japanese government is developing mechanisms for transforming the domestic car market in order to completely abandon gasoline cars by the mid-2030s.

The Japanese Ministry of Economy would like to switch from vehicles running entirely on gasoline to selling alternative vehicles such as hybrid vehicles, electric vehicles and fuel cell models. The ministry hopes to formally approve this goal by the end of this year after discussions on this issue by a council of experts. This was announced by the NHK TV channel.

The move comes after Prime Minister Suga Yoshihide pledged to cut Japan's greenhouse gas emissions to zero by 2050.

Other countries are also aiming to limit or eliminate sales of internal combustion engine vehicles in the coming decades. The UK plans to ban sales of new gasoline and diesel vehicles from 2030. The US state of California and France are set to end sales of fossil fuel vehicles by 2035 and 2040, respectively. Germany plans to introduce similar measures, but the time frame has not yet been determined.


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