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Opera GX is now fully Razer Chroma friendly

Despite the fact that the Opera GX browser, which was launched last year, is far from the most popular, nevertheless, in terms of its functionality and capabilities, it is really amazing and impressive. And as you may remember, this browser was launched immediately with Razer Chroma support. And although this fact really pleased all lovers of Razer products, it still cannot be argued that the integration of Opera GX with the Razer Chroma turned out to be rather limited in the end - the color scheme of your device could only match the highlight colors you selected in the browser.

However, both companies have now decided to make the use of Opera GX with Chroma devices much more interesting and functional by providing the above browser with the ability to trigger dynamic lighting effects. So in the event that you use the browser mentioned above, as well as devices that have integration with Chroma, then now you can configure everything so that your devices light up with a special custom animation every time you open new tabs, complete the download. file, change the limits for the use of RAM, CPU, network, and so on.

You can now choose one of the built-in animation options with different color schemes so that you do not have to bother with detailed settings yourself. However, in the same case, if you want to have really unique animations that match the animations and colors of Opera GX, then you can also choose for yourself the version of each individual effect that suits you, so that your browser will be truly personalized. Also, the new update is able to take the pleasure of using the Razer Chroma keyboard to the next level. Thanks to the integration available, your keyboard will be able to display GIF images.

And yes, of course you will not be able to see anything even with a strong desire, but this is not necessary. Your keyboard will simply mimic the colors of the GIF you set. Well, if you want to constantly know when someone wrote to you on Discord, Twitch, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram or anywhere else, but do not want to leave sounds and pop-up notifications to applications, then oh the new message you will be able to recognize precisely thanks to the changing color of the keyboard, which will correspond to the application in which they wrote to you.


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