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The Cargo Dragon 2 ship was successfully sent to the ISS

SpaceX today spoke about its 21st special working mission to launch the Cargo Dragon 2 spacecraft for astronauts currently on the ISS - we are talking about the CRS-21 mission and really a lot of attention is riveted on it, since this the moment is about testing and checking the performance of the main and additional systems of the Cargo Dragon 2 spacecraft, developed and modified specifically for faster and more autonomous delivery of various types of cargo to the space station - not to mention the fact that this mission is really promising and indicative in the context of subsequent missions of this kind.

Initially, the launch of the Falcon 9 rocket with the Cargo Dragon 2 accelerator spacecraft was supposed to take place on December 5 of this year, from the Kennedy Space Center, namely from the Launch Complex-39A site - but today it became known that the main reason the delayed launch was not entirely safe and suitable weather conditions, so the launch took place today at 11.17 am local time from the territory of this launch pad.

The first procedural moments and testing stages were more than successful, so experts from the space company SpaceX noted that they are more than confident that in the future this particular mission will become really promising and interesting. It is worth noting the fact that the Kennedy Space Center is currently undergoing a stage of modernization and diagnostics, so it is too early to talk about a full-scale launch of this space mission in the long term, but there are good chances.

It is worth noting the fact that the Falcon 9 has really remarkable functionality and approach to the implementation of special space missions of a research nature, however, SpaceX has now mainly shifted its focus to improving and supplementing the functionality of the new cargo ship Cargo Dragon 2 - now it is that moment for which the SpaceX development and engineering team continues to actively test various configurations and variations of the ships.


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