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New COVID-19 Strain: London Introduces Full Lockdown

Employees of the German news agency DW report that in London (as well as in the southeastern part of the UK) the maximum level of danger is again imposed and the restrictive measures associated with the coronavirus pandemic are being tightened several times. This statement was made by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on 19 December 2020.

He also noted that the tightening of the existing restrictions is due to the statement of UK scientists that a new variety of COVID-19, which was named VUI2020 / 12/01, was discovered in the country. Scientists assure that the new strain of coronavirus is spreading several times faster than the previous one, but no data on mortality from the new strain has yet been recorded.

Based on the above, London and the southeastern part of the country are again closing shops, fitness clubs, beauty salons, etc. In addition, the capital closes entry and exit, and it is also prohibited to travel outside the regions and abroad. Citizens are also not allowed to get together on Christmas Day.

The new restrictive measures came into force from today - 12/20/2020 and will be in effect for at least 2 weeks.


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