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Traveling to Thailand is dangerous: new wave of COVID-19

For the first time in the past six months, an outbreak of coronavirus infection has been recorded in Thailand: as of December 19, 548 cases of COVID-19 infection were officially registered in the kingdom.

According to doctors and specialists, the main focus of the spread of the virus is the province of Samut Sakhon, located 28 km from Bangkok (the capital of Thailand), or, to be more precise, the seafood market. The first case of infection was recorded in a 67-year-old woman who owns a shrimp farm.

After this incident, the authorities began to massively test the population. As a result, the coronavirus was detected both among the citizens of the kingdom and among workers from Myanmar. In 90% of cases, the disease is asymptomatic or mild.

In this regard, the Thai leadership decided to test more than 10,000 people in order to contain the spread of COVID-19 and prevent an outbreak of the virus in the country's capital.


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