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New total quarantine in Israel

The Israeli authorities have decided to reintroduce strict quarantine throughout the country for a period of 2 weeks.

The new rules will come into force on the evening of 12/27/2020 and will last until 01/09/2021. Citizens will not be able to leave their home more than 1 km, unless it is an emergency - going to work, for a walk, to the hospital (including for vaccinations), to court, to various ceremonies. Violation of the established rules faces a fine of 500 shekels.

New total quarantine in Israel

In addition, absolutely all retail outlets and public places (with the exception of pharmacies and grocery stores), parks, beauty salons, theaters and cinemas, markets, museums are closed for the entire period of quarantine. Restaurants and cafes will also be closed completely - it is forbidden to work both takeaway and delivery.


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