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US Commodity Safety Commission talks about the dangers of vape batteries

Today, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission released a special report on one very unpleasant discovered detail that is directly related to vapes and e-cigarettes - the fact that physicists from this Commission found that there are about 18,650 units of dangerous batteries on the US market. used in various vape devices. More specifically, we are talking about a special part of vape batteries, which are often sold separately, as an add-on module, and which generally show an increased risk of fire and ignition under certain conditions.

It is worth noting that batteries and battery parts in such devices are often designed not to be sold separately and always be used together - however, in order to increase sales, some manufacturers of vapes and e-cigarettes often go for such a trick as separate sale of battery components and heating elements.

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So, after conducting their recent detailed investigation into vape batteries of different brands and models, representatives of the US Consumer Product Safety Commission came to the conclusion that most of these battery parts actually have an increased level of danger - in particular, in front of high temperatures and interaction with various third-party chemicals of high volatility, which is not a rare scenario in individual cases in everyday life. That is why the representatives of the Commission urge the public to be more attentive and circumspect about this aspect.

It is worth noting that at this point in time, the question of the negative impact of vaping and electronic cigarettes in general on public health has a really high priority in the US national health sector - in particular, also because some third-party studies have previously clearly demonstrated the clearly expressed danger of reusing certain components and parts for the batteries of the vapes themselves. However, all that remains is to await further news on this matter.



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