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Alpha is preparing a new model of the Wolf EV pickup truck

Some time ago, the car company Alpha presented something really interesting and unusual about giving motorists the opportunity to choose a very unusual multi-purpose electric car - then we were talking about the JAX CUV electric car, which was positioned as a really indicative option for most motorists. Now the company is preparing the release of its new electric car called Wolf, which is something like a mini-pickup truck and has a really multifunctional focus that will allow it to be used not only as a personal, but also as an electric truck.


Alpha is preparing a new model of the Wolf EV pickup truck

It is worth noting the important fact that the Alpha Wolf EV has so far quite ghostly characteristics relative to its engines – however, the automobile concern has already managed to present to potentially interested buyers a lot of quite specific indicators and characteristics.

So, it is known that users will be able to choose from two main configurations of this electric pickup-either a variant with a dual motor and all-wheel drive, or a variant with a single motor and front-wheel drive-but in any case, the owners of the Wolf model expect a really great level of performance and the ability to go from one charging session for a really long time, up to 275 miles, which can not but amaze. As for the other characteristics, the manufacturer promises the ability to accelerate from zero to sixty miles in 6.2 seconds, a load capacity of 3,000 pounds and an extremely massive system of internal electric accumulators, which is its hallmark.

All this together is a really interesting and unusual moment in order to properly prepare a really high-performance and interesting electric pickup car that will help its owners in a huge number of different moments and use scenarios. Especially now, when the electric pickup segment itself is going through hard times, forcing you to turn to trusted representatives of your business, who can provide something interesting.


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