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Google has significantly updated the Wear OS, changing the tiles Tiles

Quite a large number of technical companies that produce certain devices, very strictly control the activities of various third-party developers in relation to products. This means that companies do not allow developers to "create visual and functional chaos" by strictly regulating the design rules. And Google Corporation is just the same and is one of those who strictly monitors this. As you may know, this tech giant back in 2019 introduced swipable tiles on devices running on the Wear OS operating system as a way to offer users information such as, for example, weather, fitness data, and so on.

All this information is displayed from the very moment in a special quick access interface. Nevertheless, the number of Tiles developers who can add these tiles to the smartwatch system is quite limited. By and large, all of them are their own proposals, which were developed by Google itself, or by the device manufacturers themselves. However, this situation will soon change. The fact is that this tech giant has announced that in the near future, the Jetpack Tiles library, which third-party developers in the foreseeable future will be able to use to create custom tiles for the Wear OS operating system, is at the alpha testing stage.

And in general, this is really an extremely correct decision, since it is no secret that the fate of this operating system from Google has been hanging in the balance for some time. This operating system has not received any new version for years, and therefore many people began to associate the relatively recent acquisition of Fitbit by this technology giant as the beginning of death for the platform. But be that as it may, the Wear OS operating system still exists, and Google consistently releases small updates for it.

For example, back in November last year, the company added three new tile parameters at once for those who want to constantly see the "recent workout label", weather information, and data about your guided breathing sessions. The company also says that this spring it will release an update, which in turn will give users access to any third-party Tiles developed for this operating system. So, perhaps, this update will be the last for Wear OS, if it does not return the operating system to popularity and does not breathe new life into it.


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