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Hackers demand $ 50 million from Acer for data security

If you refer to the report of such authoritative sources as Bleeping Computer and The Record, as well as many others, the extortionate gang, calling itself REvil, demands $ 50 million from the Taiwanese computer manufacturer represented by Acer. So far, it is difficult to say what exactly is the reason that the attackers gained access to the servers of the above-mentioned company, but it can be assumed that they may have taken advantage of a recent vulnerability related to the weak security of Microsoft Exchange. This is most likely the reason that allowed REvil to penetrate the company's network.

So now Acer is faced with an extremely common and critical problem of the last few years — with extortion from large companies. And in general, this news really makes you wonder what exactly will happen next, because Acer is an extremely large corporation, which in turn recently reported its revenue of almost $ 3 billion for only one fourth quarter of 2020. Anyway, the above-mentioned group, which was previously also behind the attack with the help of a ransomware program on Travelex, with which it demanded a sum of $ 6 million last year, personally announced that earlier this week it had hacked Acer on a "dark web portal". Moreover, the hackers even posted some images confirming their words.

Now, the attackers give the company the opportunity to pay up to March 28, the above amount. Otherwise, they will "contribute to a massive data leak" that the group stole from the company. It is particularly interesting that during a conversation between REvil and an official representative of Acer, which was witnessed by the portal Bleeping Computer, hackers offered the company a 20 percent discount if the payment would have been made last Wednesday, March 17. However, as we can now see, Acer decided not to go along with the hackers. At the very moment when Acer was asked about whether such an attack was actually carried out, the company did not admit it.

Only a little later, the company reported to the authoritative publication Bleeping Computer that it " really recently encountered abnormal situations, which are already being monitored by the relevant law enforcement and data protection authorities in many countries." After that, the company said that the possible cause of such an attack was the Advanced Intel Andariel cyberintelligence platform. It, in turn, is directly related to the above-mentioned security problem of Microsoft Exchange. In any case, it is still unknown what exactly this whole story can end with, but let's hope that everything will eventually be successful.


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