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Spotify is going to strengthen its position in the music streaming market

The Swedish company of the music streaming service Spotify today spoke about its future plans for its development and expansion of the functionality and features of its platform – in particular, today it became known that the company plans to integrate a really large number of various aspects and elements related to the implementation of third-party AI algorithms. All this, according to the management of the streaming service, is done so that end users can easily cope with the choice of their appropriate format for listening to music on the platform and using it as the main one.

It is worth noting that Spotify has a really revealing and interesting point about providing a really wide range of functionality for shaping user tastes in music – in other words, users only need to visit the platform once, and it can create an individual music map within a short period of time, selecting the most suitable artists and genres in general for them.

So today, Spotify management announced to the public its intention to add even more algorithms related in one way or another to its proprietary artificial intelligence, which can help make individual user choices even more individual. It is the development of artificial intelligence that the company focuses on, preferring to provide users with the most indicative level of quality.

In addition, at the moment, Spotify is interested in improving the overall quality of the streaming bitrate, raising this figure to 1,414 kbit/s, which is also quite a difficult process in its entirety. We can say that the company really has something like a separate campaign to improve the overall quality of work with users. Thus, there is a possibility that within a short period of time, Spotify will offer some additional features related to the field of artificial intelligence and scripts.


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