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Tesla workers en Masse Pick up COVID-19

As soon as the global coronavirus pandemic made itself felt, a huge number of companies and businesses around the world were forced to close. And the automotive giant Tesla also had to stop carrying out its activities. For a long time, the company did not agree with the requirements obliging Tesla to stop all work processes, but eventually it gave up. However, after a short time, Tesla still resumed production of its own electric vehicles at its main plant, which is located in Fremont.

This happened in May last year. And it would seem that up to this point, no negative news was received from the plant, therefore, the discovery did not have any undesirable consequences. However, in fact, this is not the case. If you refer to the reports of such a source as the Washington Post, the organization represented by PlainSite has received fresh data that reveals the real state of health of Tesla employees in the territory of Alameda County. The data obtained clearly shows that since the re-official opening of the plant, namely from May 2020, and ending at the end of the same year, about 450 cases of COVID-19 infection were registered at the Tesla plant.

In May, there were only 10 of them, but by the beginning of December, this number had increased to 125. However, it is still unclear exactly how many cases of coronavirus infection actually led to hospitalization, or the further spread of the infection among the population. But it is also worth noting that in June last year, the district stated that it had not encountered any cases of infection of factory workers. And although at the moment the data on the account of 2021 remains a mystery, in any case, we can safely say that they can reflect the general trends of the January surge, followed by a gradual decline.

And although 450 infected, this is not a rosy result, it is still worth noting that these cases represent 4.5 percent of the approximately 10,000 people working at the Tesla plant in Fremont. Nevertheless, there is no doubt that the employees of the company began to actively fall ill at the very moment when the company officially resumed the work of the factory as a sign of resistance to the isolation measures in the district. And of course, we also now know that Tesla is not as good at fighting the virus as we all would like. Let's hope that the company will now begin to take a more responsible approach to this issue.


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