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Apple has been fined in Brazil over its new policy

Apple is a manufacturer of mobile devices and technologies that can independently decide what and how to change it with respect to the starting set of supplies for its devices, while not focusing on any third-party resources and companies. That is why today many users were surprised by the decision of the Brazilian tech company SP-Procon to issue a court charge against Apple, which revolves around the latter's decision to refuse to supply chargers and some accessories along with the new mobile flagship iPhone 12 – and we are talking about a really long-term litigation.

It is worth noting the important fact that Apple in October last year, 2020 finally decided to present its users and fans a conceptually new approach to the sale of its new mobile flagship iPhone 12-namely, refusing to include a proprietary charger and wired headphones.

This decision was due not only to the desire to provide potential users with an even lower price level than before, but also some additional aspects regarding the preservation and enhancement of the level of environmental protection. However, for the Brazilian company SP-Procon, which previously had a contract with Apple, such a decision is sabotage, and it is for this reason that it decided to charge Apple, indicating the cost of the fine in the amount of 1.9 million US dollars. Of course, for Apple itself, this amount is not something critical, but the situation itself demonstrates how much it is losing its independence.

The Brazilian market of mobile and other technologies in general is quite indicative of many trends within itself, but we can say for sure that in the near future Apple will present all the necessary legal modifications regarding its cooperation with SP-Procon. We can only wait for the final decision of SP-Procon itself regarding changes in its cooperation with the Apple company in the long term.


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