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Microsoft seeks to acquire Discord Platform

Microsoft is known as one of the fastest growing companies in the market of IT technologies and products-however, despite its growth rate and state, the company cannot but experience some problems in the department of promoting its own products in the segment of communications and network resources. In particular, the company is experiencing noticeable problems in terms of competition among owners of software for video conferencing and communication, and therefore it is hardly surprising that the interest and intention of Microsoft management in the direction of acquiring the social platform Discord, which can bring it additional profits and fame.

Of course, the Discord platform itself is quite narrowly focused, representing something like a gaming community, where players can easily communicate with each other, being either directly in the middle of the gameplay, or outside of it. The desire of Microsoft to acquire Discord in its possession by many experts and insiders is written off by the fact that most likely the company is somehow striving to gradually expand its own social platforms and services.

In particular, Microsoft already owns such programs and platforms for communication and video conferencing as Zoom, Teams and Skype, but until today, no one could have imagined that the company would be interested in the gaming direction of virtual socialization. Thus, Microsoft representatives said that they are ready to purchase Discord for at least $ 10 billion, if such a price is offered by the direct managers of the platform.

Of course, this amount cannot but seem large, since it is – especially in comparison with many other similar transactions in recent times. On the other hand, Microsoft may already have its own set of plans and interests in the direction of changing the Discord social platform, if it does get its hands on it. At the moment, we can only wait for the final completion of the preliminary stage of the auction between Microsoft and the owners of Discord.


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