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Opera abandons the iOS version of the Touch browser

Opera, which is known as the developer of one of the most popular web browsers of the last few years, today decided to conceptually change its strategy for the distribution and development of its software based on the iOS operating system. The fact is that the company's management has decided to abolish its current version of the mobile browser Opera Touch for the iOS system, and instead will soon offer a simple and concise name "Opera" – while the name will fully reflect all the changes that the development team has prepared within the new software platform.

Opera itself is known as a fairly active and active experimenter in the field of mobile technologies – after all, the company initially introduced the first mobile browser Opera Mini, based on the Java ME platform and released before the widespread popularization of smartphones with a touch screen. Then the company changed its branding and released a redesigned Opera Mobile browser, which also took root in the mobile market for a short time, as the active development of the iOS environment contributed to a more active search for its own place in this segment.

So today it became known that the company has introduced a new version of its iOS browser Opera without any suffixes and prefixes, which will be based on the latest version of the operating system from Apple and which will offer an absolutely similar desktop experience of using such a browser-however, the specific date remains unknown. But this is likely to happen before the end of the current quarter.

It is worth noting that Opera really pays close attention to how its audience – as well as the audience of third-party mobile web browsers – reacts to its innovations. Thus, for sure, a separate team of developers and testers within the company is actively engaged in the preparation of additional algorithms and software aspects related to the implementation of some even more interesting and unusual features and capabilities of the new browser.


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