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Rivian is going to take over the main advantage of Tesla

Not very well-known, but extremely promising and ambitious automotive giant in the face of Rivian, is reportedly already ready to begin to fully confront one of the most important and almost fundamental advantages that Tesla has. We are talking about an extremely extensive network of stations for charging cars. If you trust the report of a reputable publication in the face of The Verge, Rivian has already announced its plans to install more than 10,000 level 2 AC chargers in the United States and Canada.

This goal should be fully implemented by 2023. The first branded charging units of the company should be equipped in several cities of the above-mentioned countries in July. All the "Waypoints," as the automaker calls its charging stations, will be located near various restaurants, shops and other public places. It is also worth noting that the automaker immediately announced the fact that these stations will not be as fast as the other 3,500 fast DC chargers that the company is also going to install by 2023.

It will be the company's fast charging stations that will define its Rivian branded network. And yet, these same 10,000 charging stations will still be able to charge electric cars quite quickly. It is already reliably known that their charging speed will be equal to the mark of 11.5 kW. For one hour of charging at such a station, the electric car can travel up to 40 kilometers, if we are talking about R1T and R1S. It should also be noted that, unlike the Adventure Network, these charging stations will be open to absolutely any vehicle that can use the J1772 connection to connect.

And if we talk about the Adventure Network stations, they will be able to offer motorists a fairly high charging speed, which will correspond to a value of at least 200 kW. Moreover, in the foreseeable future, the company is going to pump them so that their speed is 300 kW at all. Quite a positive thing in the case of Adventure is also the fact that these charging stations will automatically be powered exclusively from renewable energy sources. So if the main factor when choosing electric cars for you is the presence of special charging stations, then cars from Rivian will soon become much more popular than ever.


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