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Trump is developing his social network

No matter how you feel about the previous President of the United States of America, Donald Trump, in any case, you can not deny the fact that he is an extremely scandalous, and very controversial person. And, as you probably already know for a long time, some time ago, Trump was blocked on the vast number of platforms and social networks, among which there are such major market players as, for example, Facebook and Twitter. And naturally, for such a media personality, these events are quite a strong insult.

In this regard, yesterday, Donald Trump hinted that he may create his own social network after that. Moreover, everything indicates that these are not empty words. Some facts actively hint that these plans are gradually, but very steadily, beginning to strengthen. Thus, if you refer to the report of an authoritative publication in the person of Deadline, an assistant to Donald Trump, Jason Miller, has already told Fox News that the former president is indeed actively engaged in the process of creating and then launching his own social network. The release, according to the representative office of Donald Trump, should take place "in two or three months."

But be that as it may, it is still worth noting the fact that Jason Miller did not specify what exactly this platform will be. Will it be something like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, another social platform, or will it be something completely new? This, unfortunately, we do not know. But in any case, in its statement, the office of the former president made a special emphasis on the fact that this social network will be able to "change the definition and course of the whole game", and also immediately from the release will attract tens of millions of people. And in general, if this platform is indeed actively developed and everything goes according to the president's plans, then the platform developed by the forces and means of Donald Trump has a huge chance to appeal to conservatives who believe that the main social networks are set against their ideologies.

The fact that the Trump product will be successful is also indicated by the fact that alternatives such as, for example, Parler together with MeWe, claim that they have really joined a huge number of new users. And these same users are just the same potential users of the upcoming Trump platform, because many of his conservative supporters are looking for platforms with minimal moderation, or even without it at all.


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