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TOP 3 beach resorts in Georgia

Georgia is a country of contrasts that attracts travelers from all over the world with its rich history, picturesque nature, extremely delicious cuisine, delicious grape wines, mild climate and fascinating sights.


The pearl of the Black Sea coast of Georgia is Batumi. Batumi is a modern city that combines a relaxing beach holiday and a rich nightlife. The beaches in Batumi are pebbly and clean. The sea may not always be clean, as Batumi is a port city. However, the famous beach of Batumi-Beach, with a length of 6 kilometers, is characterized by crystal clear water in the sea. Many tourists choose this resort for its price-quality ratio, well-developed infrastructure and attractions. For example, wine tourism is very popular among travelers in Batumi, as everyone wants to taste Georgian wine with a unique aroma and taste.

Accommodation here can be chosen for every taste and budget, from luxury hotels, boutique hotels to apartments. The most popular places to visit are observation decks, churches, parks, a water park, singing fountains, a botanical garden, themed cafes, restaurants, sky bars and the famous boulevard, which stretches for 10 kilometers.


Kobuleti is the largest and busiest resort after Batumi. This resort boasts a good location: on the one hand, Batumi, and on the other, the beaches of Ureki and Shekvetili, so if you have a car, it is very convenient to get to other sea resorts in Georgia. Kobuleti is a large village with a well-developed urban and beach infrastructure.

Although the beaches here are pebbly, however, Kobuleti is considered a place for family holidays. It is the gentle entrance to the sea, the nearby pine and coniferous forest, the boulevard, cafes, restaurants, hotels and apartments, as well as the modern amusement park "Tsitsinatela" that make this resort the most attractive for couples with children.


Ureki is a small village that is ideal for a relaxing family holiday. The resort is famous for its clean sandy beaches with the healing properties of magnetic black sand. Sand has analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties, promotes tissue regeneration and strengthens the immune system, which is why so many tourists with children and older people choose Ureki for health improvement.

The infrastructure of the resort is modest, but you can also find several attractions nearby: the Musicians ' park, an amusement park, the open-air museum of Georgia in miniature and the arboretum park. The gentle sea, a sandy beach with magnetic sand, pine groves, a unique microclimate, a calm atmosphere-all this attracts tourists to Ureki.

There are also many other small resort villages for beach holidays in Georgia, which are mostly popular among the local population. These include Shekveteli, Kvariati, Sarpi, and Gonio.

Having arrived in Georgia once, it is impossible to remain indifferent to this beautiful, hospitable country.


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